Dream in Color Club: Cruzado Cowl!

Introducing Cruzado Cowl... Dream in Color's October Dream in Color Club design.  This spring I was sent a STUNNING skein of Classy... and I knew that I wanted to design a super simple cowl that would really highlight the yarn's color shifts. Typically I am drawn to stitches that create a pattern, but knowing they would get lost I lost myself in garter stitch with just a few bands of elongated stitches. As I knit on this design I kept being asked about the yarn... it's jaw droppingly GORGEOUS, and the perfect fall color!
Cruzado Cowl plays with a Möbius cast on, so though there are MANY stitches on the needles, it only has 23 rounds.  For those of you who haven't worked a traditional Möbius before, the cast on makes it so you are working the cowl from the center out.
The border of Cruzado has a the Knit-Cross 6 stitch that you might be familiar with from Knockout Knits..... a favorite for mixing up colors in hand painted yarn.
Thankyou Dream in Color for inviting me to be a part of this project! Right now the only way to get this pattern (and the YARN!) is through the DoC Club. Go here for a list of stores that participate. I'll be releasing the pattern in January 2015.


Weekend Sewing: A knit Amelia Dress!

I've had a few fashion emergencies over the past few weeks when I realized that every photo taken while I'm teaching has me wearing one of the same 3 outfits... so since I had a weekend at home I thought I should devote some time to making a new dress!
I got a great heavy weight cabled (but flat) olive green knit while in Sante Fe at Santa Fe fabrics and thought it would make the perfect Amelia. I had sewn this dress in a woven cotton this spring, and love it, but the zipper is a wee bit wonky.  By trying it in a knit I could skip cutting it on the bias, and the zipper and therefor save fabric and a major headache (imho).
I ended up making a few other mods as well, like getting rid of the back darts, shortening the height of the shoulder instead of the waist (this made the armhole smaller), which is a good thing for my short torso, and moving the front darts to my apex (ahem).
And, then I realized the belt I had knit this summer for another design is PERFECT for this dress.  It's just a long garter stitch band with a Jul Designs shawl closure.

So, if you see me this fall I'll probably be wearing this dress! Another plus about getting it done was that we got to use it in today's shoot for the final pattern in Just One More.... look for that next week.


Knockout Knits heads to the City!

I just got back from the most glorious weekend away signing and teaching and celebrating Knockout Knits at Lion Brand Yarn Studio in NYC and Trillium Yarns in Morristown, NJ.  I get so much energy while sharing my work that I came home energized and ready to hit the ground running...Want to see?
The amazing Valery (one of Knockout Knits models) came and I coerced her into showing the Loco Shawl!  Thanks Val!
Signing, signing, signing... friends, family and knitters all attended! 
Even my Mom and Dad were there (and we forgot to get a pic... DUH!)
I got to meet Ingrid (and her sweet friend who looked amazing in the Folly Cloche) in real life!
I taught 3 great classes at Lion Brand (sorry, no pics!) but I was especially in love with the Elongated Stitches class... my students learned lots of tricks and tips for working with Elongated Stitches from Knockout Knits... and then they learned how to bead them and make the cuff above!  This pattern is only available when you take my Elongated Stitches class. I'm teaching it next up at The Yarn Spot in MD and Vogue Knitting Live in NYC.... see my workshops page for more info!
Grand Opening of Trillium Yarns
Teaching in Trillium Yarns new garden patio... such fun to get to teach outside!  Luckily no beads spilled and my students had a great time learning to knit jewelry in the fresh air!!
The fabulous Lori Versaci of Versaci Knits came to class, as well as Linda and Shannon, my new BFF's!
And in the middle of it all I snuck away with Sara from Yarns at Yin Hoo to record a podcast episode... in her car, on the roof of a parking garage!  Hysterical!  The podcast is up and you can listed to it here. We had a great time recording and I think you'll enjoy it!
 I was lucky enough to be hosted, chauffeured and wined and dined all weekend by Kirsten Kapur of Through The Loops... I adore Kirsten and we had a fabulous weekend together (and never ran out of things to talk about!) Kirsten reviewed Knockout Knits on Thursday... and by Friday had finished the Prolix Mitts, photographed and blogged them!  Go Kirsten! Don't you love the yarn she hand-dyed and knit them in?
Kirsten's Hand-Dyed Prolix Mitts
This might be the longest blog post ever! Thankyou to Lion Brand Yarn Studio and their AMAZING staff and Bev at Trillium Yarns... and to Kirsten for being her awesome self! Y'all made it so fun! Let's do it again!!!

Next trip is to Vancouver for Knit City! Can't wait for some Canadian West Coast action! (and that long plane ride.... oh the knitting!)

And though Kirsten and Bev might kill me I can't help but post this AMAZING photo of them decked out in all the samples from Knockout Knits at the grand opening.... I added snow for effect  : )!


Video Tutorial: Cha-Ching Stitch

Here's a little video I shot to help you with the Cha-Ching Stitch (a beaded coin stitch) used in the Cha-Ching Mitts and Tam, two of the many patterns in my new book Knockout Knits.

I've added this to my growing list of tutorials : )! Enjoy!

There are kits for the Cha-Ching Mitts and Tam, in five glorious colors with Shepherd's Wool Fine and delica seed beads.