Beaded Waves Cuff... now in Cotton!

Well, I'm starting to get ready for my yearly trip to TNNA... which means NEW KITS! Ready for the first one?

Some of you know this one has been in the works for a while... it's Beaded Waves Cuff in Cotton!

With only 10 yards of yarn, 3 different colors of beads and an hour of your time you can make this cuff! Beaded Waves Cuff plays with elongating stitches on one row, and then placing beads on them on the next row. The kit includes generous amounts of beads to allow for fun color play without the risk of running out.

The pattern is sized and has a  video tutorial to help with the tricksy bits!

I've got some available in my Etsy shop... and tons more coming with me to TNNA! Tell your local Yarn Store you want to see them stocked and that they can pick them up in booth #491! Thanks for helping spread the word about these fun, satisfying, and pretty kits!

So, which is your favorite color? I can't wait to hear! (I am LOVING THE FUCHSIA!)


Recap: Maryland Sheep and Wool 2016!

We're back from Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival... the best Mother's Day weekend I've ever had! My girl was helping out in Jill Draper's booth (some of you bought yarn from her)... and I was helping out there and taking time to enjoy the festival!
There was a great meet up on Saturday of many from the Ravelry group... so fabulous to give and receive so many hugs, and see what everyone got! I even did a Facebook Live event from the meet -up which isn't the best quality, but gives you an idea of what being at a festival is like!

I passed off Knitlandia to Helene... the first person on the Book Around! I am so very very excited to follow the travels of Knitlandia! Read fast Helene!
I got to see Kate... who I talk to alot online but not so much in real life... we had Artichoke French, it did not disappoint!
Some highlights from Saturday:
Some highlights from Sunday:

And YES... I got yarn... wanna see?
From Left to Right:
Spirit Trail Fiberworks Birte in Maine Sumac- for an "idea"... if all goes well you'll see it next Fall at Rhinebeck! (or maybe even before!)
Flying Fibers Yarn Company Yorkshire Medley in Rust- I am SUPER excited to swatch with this blend of Blue Faced Leicester and Wensleydale that my friends Jeri and Irina are having milled exclusively for their store!
Neighborhood Fiber Company Capital Luxury Lace in Fells Point- for the future!
DragonFly Fibers brand new base Valkyrie in Winter Woods- I am officially obsessed with knitting up Novus Jacket in a few other gauges... this might work really well for it!
Jamie Harmon's Rainbow Yarn- Merino/Angora/Alpaca 2 ply yarn... I'm making my buddie Carmyn (see the cutie above) a little shawlette out of it as she and I decided it was just too yummy not to buy!
Briar Rose Fibers Collett- their new bulky base, perfect for this "other" idea of mine! They had a Novus Jacket knit up in it and it was PERFECT for it! Unfortunately my photos didn't do it justice!

I'm sure you can tell from above that I got just a little bit inspired while at the festival! I have ALOT of knitting/designing ahead of me!

Oh, and I forgot to announce the winner of the Escapado Kit ... congrats go to Kitten with a Whiplash! I'm not sure I'll do colorwork, but I love your idea of some dance lessons : )!


Knitlandia "Book Around" and MD Sheep and Wool Festival

On this morning's hike I had an idea! (When my family hears this they know to be scared, are you scared?) 

Last night I finished reading Knitlandia by Clara Parkes, Knitlandia is a series of essays based on Clara's journey's around the globe experiencing yarn festivals, craft publishers, filming tv and workshops, knitting retreats and more. They are all about being a knitter and traveling the world from that perspective. It's an entertaining, enlightening, and quick read. In fact I made myself slow down a bit to cherish it as I knew it would be over before I was ready for it to be. A personal highlight was reading about Clara and the public pools in Iceland, I won't tell you more, as I want you to read it for yourself.. but I certainly learned a bit about what to be prepared for when I go in September.
I want this copy of Knitlandia to travel around to knitters around the globe... kinda like a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but knitting book style!  Let's call it a "Book Around"!

Here's how it is going to work... I'm going to sign the book and start a mini journal with some thoughts about the book. While I'm at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend I'm hoping to get my copy signed by Clara. At 3:30 on Saturday we are having an informal meet up in the shade of Building 1 (see map below, all are welcome!). There is a thread in my Ravelry group if you want more info!
The first person who asks me for the book at the meet up, will get it from me. Then they'll read it, sign it, write something in the journal. Next they will send it to the first person who comments in this post, and then e-mail me with who they have sent it to (so I can keep a record, we don't want our book getting lost!).

That knitter will:
  • read it
  • sign it
  • journal a bit
  • take a photo of yourself with your book and post it in my Rav group and on social media (if you use it) with the hashtags #bookaround #knitlandia
  • send it to the next person in the comments list
  • e-mail me with details on where the book is!
Knitlandia will "Book Around" the world!
(If this works we can try it with another book in the fall)

So, all you have to do to be involved is leave a comment on this post... that will get you on the "list".
Just leave a way to get in touch with you... Ravelry ID is best! When the book is full up, or we get to the end of the list, it will get sent back to me and I'll find a way to surprise Clara with it!

Remember this is global, so don't sign up if you aren't willing to send a package overseas (it will probably cost around $10-15 to send). It's up to you if you want to send a goodie along for the person you are sending the book to as you'll be paying the postage... just don't send goodies for everyone down the line, we don't want to end up with a 100 pound box being shipped!

Also, I don't want your being on this list to stop you from reading to Knitlandia NOW... you should totally buy it to support Clara and her work, and still be part of this fun project (you can just re-read your favorite essay when it arrives at your doorstep!)

Oh, and I just had another idea... (scared yet?) 
I'm going to do a Facebook Live post from our meet-up and introduce you to a few knitters (and what they bought!). So, if you can't get to Maryland, keep an eye on my Facebook page around 3:40 and you'll see the post. If you can't watch it then Facebook Live posts can be replayed so you'll be able to view it anytime!


Nautical Knitting Cruise 2016!

Happy Monday... I've got some good news for you!

Remember last year's Nautical Knitting Cruise? Well we have another one planned for this December! (and oh my, re-reading my re-cap post just made me a little nostalgic!)
Join Melissa Leapman, Patty Lyons and myself for another fabulous adventure at sea!
This time we'll be leaving from Miami and headed to St Thomas, Tortola, and The Bahamas... our boat is newer (like brand-new) and bigger and I've read great things about the food/boat activities. The itinerary is longer leaving us all a bit more time to relax and knit poolside. (IMHO the last cruise was too fast!)
You can read more about the cruise here. There is info for signing up with some excellent new travel agents that Melissa has cultivated a strong relationship with. I'll be teaching 9 classes on the cruise, and one of them will be for a new shawl design, Escapado!
How about we have a little giveaway?
I'd love to hear about what you want to learn in Escapado,  I'll try to incorporate your ideas into it!

Leave a comment below sharing a technique with me you'd love to learn on the cruise, and I'll choose one of you to win an Escapado kit (you'll have to wait until next November to receive it!). .I'll keep comments open through April 29th and announce a winner in my next blog post!

Oh, and the winner of last week's La Jefa yarn giveaway? Congrats go to PrettyPinkZebra Get in touch with your size and address and Spirit Trail Fiberworks get you your yarn! Thankyou so much for the La Jefa love last week... I'm thrilled that y'all love her as much as I do... I can't wait to see her start to come off your needles, she is going to be great for the cruise!